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"I guess it’s true….Aryll really has been kidnapped…Hasn’t she?"

Generation I:  Kanto (#1 - #151)


From the main site updated the information from the Diancie Event: 

 It will be distributed in theaters from July 19 until Sept. 30 via wireless connection during the 17th movie: Diancie & The Cocoon of Destruction. Diancie will be level 50, and will come in a Cherish Ball. It will be holding a Normal Gem, and will have the moves Diamond Storm, Reflect, Moonblast and Return.

Source: Pokemon.JP 

"Let’s battle again someday!"


Pokemon Amie - Shiny Altaria


Local Toronto hero Ramona Flowers knows what’s up.


Local Toronto hero Ramona Flowers knows what’s up.


Just as many males as females are afraid to go out at night for fear of violence; they just aren’t allowed to admit it.

Daniel Radcliffe talking about his old stunt double, David Holmes, who was severely injured during a stunt on the HP films


After a century and a couple of harsh winters, I’ve completed my new Eevee Evolution button set for the upcoming con season! 8)

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